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These aren't even slogans!

So you’re feeling mighty unproductive, or you’re putting things off, telling yourself you’ll do it all in one haul.

Here’s me telling you, stop that! You no longer need an iron will, balls of steel, and sayings related to various metals to actually get things done. Using the “don’t break the chain” method, you’ll be strolling down the good path in no-time. So go get yourself a nice, big calendar, a giant marker of your favorite color, and let’s get rolling! (Alternatively, register on this site.)

What you’ll be doing is the following. We’ll be taking a secret project as an example. Every day on which you put forth any effort to the secret project whatsoever, color in (or draw a cross over) the current date on your calendar. After a few consecutive days of working on it, you’ll get a little chain going. Now surely you can’t just leave a gap in there, can you? If you’re anywhere near being in your right mind, you’ll continue taking small steps forward each day, and create a chain of monstrous proportions, it’s grip on you growing day after day.

This may not work for all of you (I’m pointing at the soulless folks out there), but it’s definitely done well for me so far! A small chain may be easy to brake, but think of how great times you two could have together, and then push onward!

Care for it like it’s your baby.
~ Fang


  • 18/12/2012 (11:43 AM)

    I like this idea. I’ve been trying to figure out a schedule for me since I decided to buckle down and dedicate more time to write, write, write! Now, to figure out that schedule…

  • 18/12/2012 (10:51 AM)

    But then you get a chain of empty and you feel bad about it and it gets worse and worse. :\

  • 18/12/2012 (12:55 AM)

    You know this would actually work on me. My OCD wouldn’t let me break the chain, I’d want to keep letting it grow longer and longer.

    This is precisely why I won’t be doing it.

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