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Why yes I do have ’em.

I remember writing another post about this a while back, but this one’ll be different. Hopefully. If not, just act like you traveled back in time to read my post as it happened. Because, you know, there’s nothing better than fresh hot text printed onto your scree… okay nevermind then.

You know that Writing Room thing I wrote? Yeah, it’s up there with the other abandoned projects. I don’t think I can even file it under “on hold” anymore, I might get arrested or something. Why? No inspiration, no motivation, and I’m getting my practice somewhere else. I think the fact that I didn’t make a chain for it also played part is this brutal abandonment.

But who cares, other, better stuff is afoot! Well not really, it hasn’t even learned to crawl yet, but you get the idea. And I’ll just keep teasing it until its here, which will still be a month… or more. Oh boy it’d better not be more than a month or else the delay will take down my motivation again and it’ll end up never being made, just like the shitlinks in the header here which do absolutely nothing at all. Apologies for those still being there after a year of uselessness.

Also getting rather impatient for my game bit screwdriver to get here, but it probably won’t be very soon thanks to the holidays.
~ Fang


  • 25/12/2012 (1:25 AM)

    It probably won’t be soon no. I think I only have one really abandoned project but I refuse to believe it’s totally dead, and tell myself I will get back to it. It’s a shame that the writing room died, but I guess if you can’t do it you can’t do it.

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