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Oh, Comely

The end if here. That is, the end of the year.

Sorry guys, I won’t be rhyming much more than that. After all, New Year’s Eve isn’t the time for dwelling on shitty poetry by some lousy dude anyway. Instead, I’ll be looking back at 2012, and what kind of year it’s been. I’ll go over some of its highlights, and probably forget to mention a lot of things. Here goes anyway.

In the very first month of this year we celebrated the first blogaversary of Fang Talks. This was done by completely revamping the blog, giving it its current layout and content style. I also had great plans for Fang Talks as a website, but those got procrastinated into oblivion, sadly.

The month of February was the one in which I started playing the guitar. Once again, many thanks to my good ol’ pal for teaching me the basics, and having many a fun jam session with me. I’m still avidly playing, mostly solo-style tunes, usually from the Touhou series. I’m really enjoying myself, and hell, I’ll probably invest in a better guitar soon!

In April I participated in in the Alphabetical Blogging Challenge, A to Z. Had a jolly good time, wrote some decent posts, and I even re-used the A to Z theme during the month of May.
May was also the month in which I had my finals for high school (not to be confused with the non-Dutch variant of high school, but I guess it’s sort of comparable). Everything went a lot better than expected, most subjects weren’t half as hard as I had fearfully anticipated, and they all were over before I knew it!

Then in June I graduated. Nothing unexpected, but it was still a huge relief to hear that after a long wait. At the graduation ceremony I held a speech, in honor of all my friends and the great time they’d given me over the past few years. It was… sort of emotional, especially considering I would be seeing them less from that point onward.

During the summer holiday I stayed home alone, while the rest of my family went to the usual destination. It was hella great, actually. We had a few parties here and there, and my best bro came over for poker and games lots of times.

After my parents came home and I celebrated my birthday, it was only a few days before I went to Sweden. 2012 was the year in which I went to meet an awesome gal I met through the Blogosphere in real life. Some of you may know her, Sophia. I flew all the way there, on my own, and came back in one piece. We had a great time, and all the hills they have over there, oh boy oh boy, they sure are amazing!

Later that month I finally got a much-needed computer upgrade. A shiny, brand new laptop, quite the powerhouse, and a lovely workstation. It was a required for what was to come, but also something to ease the pain that would come with it. I was going to college.

It was something I had been fearing for a couple of years. For starters, I’d be seeing all of my great friends a lot less, and that really, really hurts. On top of that I’d be thrown into a group of people from all over the place, who I didn’t know at all. As I discovered, I’m sort of okay with social interactions. It’s just the fear that comes in anticipation that makes it all the more terrible.

Fast-forward some time, I’ve made a small group of really cool friends, one of ’em living relatively close by, and I’ve discovered my study is easy as hell. What with my prior knowledge of the basics and some advanced stuff already, I can easily rush through anything that is thrown at me. I’m kind of disappointed, but have by now decided to deal with it. After all, it’s better than having to be busy with school 24/7, right?

In October we had the first “reunion” party with a lot of “old” friends, and it was great. Real fun to see everyone again, hear what they’ve been up to, and just hang around with them like in the olden times. By now it’s pretty much decided that it’ll be a more or less monthly happening, and I still have regular contact with a lot of people. Feels good to know that those friends still stick around, ’cause I don’t know where I’d be without them.

November was the month in which I saw a few family members as more than just brothers and sisters of my parents. After helping an aunt move, I had a great time with my dad at an uncle’s place. Hell, I even stayed up ’til real late with him, chatting about all kinds of stuff. He’s a pretty great guy, actually.

The rest is all in this month, and nothing especially noteworthy happened as far as I recall. Had a great time with friends here and there, got back into a few games, yadda yadda.

It has been a great year, and I would like to thank all of you who helped make it one. Yes, that includes you as well. Go on, feel good about yourself for it! Thank you so much, and I hope you’ll be there next year as well!

So yeah, here we are now, so close to yet another year. Who knows what the future holds? Who knows what may possibly happen? I do, but you won’t be hearing any of that ’til tomorrow!

I wish you all a very happy new year. Have a great Eve, make it count, party hard, and I’ll see y’all in 2013!
~ Fang


  • 01/01/2013 (2:45 AM)

    You’ve had yourself quite a busy year Fang. But a good one none the less. You went to Sweden and saw Sophia (and desecrated her desk) and even though you lost a few friends, you’ve made some new ones too.

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