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Over a month in the making!

The end if here. That is, the end of the year.

Sorry guys, I won’t be rhyming much more than that. After all, New Year’s Eve isn’t the time for dwelling on shitty poetry by some lousy dude anyway. Instead, I’ll be looking back at 2012, and what kind of year it’s been. I’ll go over some of its highlights, and probably forget to mention a lot of things. Here goes anyway.

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Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve, so I’ll have a special, scheduled post up then.

For now, we can only say it’s almost tomorrow. It’s almost tomorrow but yesterday is still close by, and today is still all around us.
Let’s not get existential though, allow me to talk and rant about various things instead. Surely that’ll make us all that much happier, right?

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No, this isn’t a rant on customer support, thank God.

I’m talking about playing the role of a Support in team-based games. It seems to be a rather under-appreciated, under-played role, especially amongst the more casual audience. The truth though, is that a good Support is invaluable to the team. You may not always notice them in the midst of battle, but if you have a good Support backing you up, you can safely go in for that risky kill. (Well, your own judgement applies here, but you get the idea.)

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So my good ol’ pal came over today for a fun little jam session.

It all went pretty well, actually. We worked on my improv skills some more. He gave me some pointers, taught me some basics with regards to pentatonic boxes and their placement (already knew how they worked, mind you), and we played around with my terrible musical hearing for a bit. We also did a pretty neat bit of metal, as well as a lengthy piece of good improv.

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So I went and took a step into financially potentially dangerous territory.

You know how you, at least over here, have a set amount of money you have to pay towards your hospital bill before your insurance company takes over? There’s also a voluntary amount that, when raised higher, lowers the amount of money you have to pay on insurance monthly. Guess what I did? I maxed it.

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