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Weekend nights

Ah, I love that feeling of having a three-day weekend when you actually don’t.

So, Friday night is friends night, and last night was no exception. We watched The Dark Knight Rises, which was a surprisingly shitty movie. It’s just sooo drawn out. More than two and a half hours long, I mean, geez. And it isn’t even all that Batman-y, not that many fancy gadgets and stuff. Oh well. After that we examined the new haul (we are basically up to our asses in retro gaming apparatuses and related accessories. Like, seriously, there’s limited edition Gameboys in there!

Next we played some Pokemon Red and Blue (yeah, we’re that awesome) and I beat everyone in poker again. We chatted about stuff in the mean time, and soon it was six in the morning already. So a bit later we head home, I enter the house at seven, and my mom’s already up preparing for her day of shopping with a friend. Jolly good timing Fang.

But eh, all was cool, and we went and met up with friends again today. Played the guitar for a bit, battled Pokemon, and discussed that one secretproject that I never mentioned as such. One friend is really excited about it, thinks its great, and is definitely going to pitch some good input my way. Hurray!

So yeah I didn’t get jack done yet. But that’s so nice about this, Friday night feels like it’s Saturday night, then we go and meet up on Saturday as well. You think you’re almost out of time before school starts again because two days of weekend have passed already, but in fact you still have plenty of Sunday left to get done that which needs to be done.

Honestly though, I should head to bed early today.
~ Fang


  • 25/11/2012 (2:00 AM)

    I think you’ve managed to quite a bit, and not one moment of the day was wasted if it involved friends, Pokemon, or any combination of the two.

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