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So I was sitting on the couch in the living room, coding while everyone else was watching a movie.

I follow along with half an ear and an eye, and wow, I’ve really started to look at storylines differently. My paranoia of using cliché’s, or obvious, overused themes/motives is leaking out from just my own works to those of others. ‘Twas a war movie, and at the start the protagonist said he has never killed, and a bit later reluctantly takes the credit for a kill he was too cowardly to do.

At that point I was like “ugh shitty plot” because it was rather obvious he’d become the “I have no problem killing” person later on in the movie. And so it happened. He even went a little bit insane for a short scene, which was a little bit less predictable.

Then after he gets snapped out of it his pal gets captured, after he tried to help him escape, which succeeded. The protagonist sneaks up on the villains as they’re torturing the pal, and the pal whispers “one shot, two kills” implying he should shoot him at the same time the villain is shot. And yes, as you guessed, the protagonist is the good-guy here and only kills the villain, helps the pal get away, yadda yadda.

I really shouldn’t be this quick to judge, but it just hit me like that, “BAM, Fang, check the plot”.
~ Fang


  • 02/11/2012 (1:54 AM)

    Well the simple fact of the matter is that every story uses things already done by others and features cliches and predictability. It’s how you use these things that makes a story unique to you and your work. Look at Harry Potter, full of cliches, but nobody really complains about them.

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