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silent but deadly

As requested by Mark, I’ll write a conversation between him and me.

‘Hey Fang, wake up.’
I open my eyes and find Mark standing next to my bed. Well, technically it’s not my bed, but it’s occupied by me.
‘Breakfast’s almost ready.’
He’s right. The smell of eggs and bacon fills the room. He left the door to my bedroom open. Well, technically it’s not my bedroom, but his brother is out of the house for a few weeks, and one of those weeks happens to be the one in which I visit.
‘You made breakfast?’
‘Yeah, bacon and eggs.’

Not much later we’re sitting at the kitchen table, eating the breakfast Mark so lovingly prepared. It isn’t anything special to be honest, but at least the intention’s there.
‘So what are the plans for today?’
‘I ordered tickets for a water bus to take us across Grand Union Canal.’
‘Sweet! Good thing I charged my camera’s battery last night, there’s bound to be some great sights to see.’
‘Last time I went there was when I was six, but I recall it being an enjoyable ride.’

We took the bus to the water bus. As it turned out, it wasn’t much of a bus, rather a taxi of sorts. We were the only one to board.
‘So you ordered a private ride? Heh. At least it gets rid of the annoying little kids running around everywhere.’
‘I thought the ride would be more enjoyable this way.’
A little while later, we’re on a broader part of the river, but still with parts of London visible left and right.
‘Here,’ I say, shoving my camera into Mark’s hands. ‘Take a picture of me striking a pose!’
I strike a silly pose, and Mark, though somewhat clumsily, takes my picture. ‘You look fabulous!’ he laughs.
I take the camera back from him and shove him closer to the edge of the boat. ‘Your turn, pal!’
He strikes a silly pose, similar to mine, but makes the funniest face while doing so.
I laugh and gently pat him on his shoulder. ‘That’s the best face ever pulled in the history of face-pulling!’

We laugh together for a bit. I swing my arm around him, pull him a bit closer. ‘Keep on smiling!’ I hold my arm out, point the camera our way, and snap a picture.
The picture displays us, in that situation. Mark with a happy, but ever so slightly shocked expression on his face. Me, pecking his cheek.

…and that’s where I stop. It’s not really slash, but it’s as far as I can go without ridiculing both of us instead of just myself. Mark, it isn’t exactly what you requested, but I tried my best.

And of course, these are not real events, people are fictionally portrayed, yadda yadda.
~ Fang


  • Anonymous
    16/12/2012 (7:08 PM)


  • 29/11/2012 (11:11 PM)

    They are real, in my dreams and in my heart. Though seriously I think you did a pretty good job. I can now say I’ve been included in a slash fiction.

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