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Entire days are going to waste and I’m doing nothing to change it. This needs to stop.

This won’t be the first time you hear me bitching about how I wasted my time today just bumming around, accomplishing nothing. And buoy oh buoy will it not be the last. However, I still want to start making an attempt at getting my shit sorted, my priorities straight, and my gameface on.

Right now, I’m setting a goal, to write a bit of a planning tomorrow, for stuff to do and time to spend on it per day. I’m also going to bet you ten bucks I’m not going to do it. And if I do make that little planning, I’ll bet you fifty I’m not going to keep to it. Because that’s just the way I roll.
Sure it’s a bit of an unreliable one, but it’s a good money-making scheme nonetheless.

But eh, making and following such a thing properly would definitely help me out. School’s bound to pick up again soon as well, and who knows what my job’ll be bringing in in terms of time consumption.

How about I just make these kind of posts all day every day until I follow through with what I have in mind?
~ Fang


  • 13/11/2012 (1:46 AM)

    Well on the plus side if you did keep making these kinds of posts until you do it then you are being kind of constant. Making plans will help keep you on track, but only as long as you stick to them.

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