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Fedora 17, to be precise.

Four our Linux course at school we’ll be learning how to handle your ass in the command line interface in a Linux environment. They recommended Ubuntu, but said that it’s very doable to follow along using a different distro, with maybe having to look some things up here and there. So I went and did my research, and Fedora seemed like a good all-round, productivity distro.

It was a lot easier than I had expected to be. I thought most, if not all Linux distros would have you fiddle around with tons of shitty drivers, regardless of how user-friendly they actually are. But eh, the installation process was very easy and straight-forward, it mostly did its job on its own, I only entered a few settings here and there, and all way done.

Fedora’s desktop environment runs on Gnome, which is what most other large distros like Ubuntu use. And I most say, it’s pretty good. I was a little bit surprised by the fact that right-clicking on the desktop doesn’t do anything, but surely I can hack that in somehow. Maybe we’ll learn how to do that, even.
But yeah, overall I’m pretty pleased. It’s nice and user-friendly, installing Chrome on it was a snap, and there’s quite a few useful applications pre-installed. (Hurr durr bloatware.)

Do you guys have any experience with Linux?
~ Fang


  • 15/11/2012 (11:36 PM)

    Linux developers have been doing an awesome job in reverse-engineering drivers from Windows and Mac.

    The installation and hardware support of linux distros seems to have leaped a lot. On the other hand, configurability has degraded in some distros.

    In ubuntu, with each major version update, there have been less and less options in the settings panels. Also, the configuration files have been moved around so it’s someties difficult to even configure it manually.

    Well, there’s the old favorite Arch or Gentoo for better features on customization and configuration. With these it takes a while to set up a working system, though.

  • 15/11/2012 (11:16 PM)

    I’ve had mixed experiences with Linux. When Ubuntu had its own app store kind of thing, and I could select things on there for it to install, it was a breeze for me. Then I updated it and everything went to pot. I don’t even know what happened. Linux is the OS by programmers, for programmers, and I just don’t have that kinda knowledge.

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