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As you know if you read yesterday’s post I spent the past two days helping an aunt of mine move.

Lucky her new house isn’t that far from her old one, because holy moly does she have a lot of stuff. A lot of mirrors, paintings, furniture, and also quite a lot of fitness exercise hardware. Don’t think she uses it. Hell, I highly doubt she used even only 20% of the stuff that she owns! There’s just so much shit, an awful lot of cupboards, and countless boxes filled to the brim with other tiny hoardable items.

But eh, we handled it all pretty swiftly. We moved most of the stuff over yesterday, and did so quite efficiently. The fact that most of it came from upstairs, and had to go upstairs in her new house as well didn’t really help though. But it all went well, very little hickups. Also, since she lives in Germany, near the border with the Netherlands, we decided to stay over at my uncle’s, who lives fairly close. We had Chinese for dinner together with all of the others who helped, and then my dad and I spent the evening at their place.

It was pretty cool, actually. He’s my youngest uncle so he’s automatically the most rad one from my point of view. We drank some beers, whiskey, and other liquor he had laying around. My dad and my uncle’s wife went to bed around 2 AM, him and me stayed up ’til about 4 AM, chatting about stuff. A little earlier we also spent some time talking about how I view family, and he agreed and understood why and all. But after such a night you get a bit closer, not as family but more in a friendship kind of way. Which is really cool, because I now see him not as a uncle but as a cool guy and friend, more so than I did before.

Also he sent me home with a bottle of apple liquor and some gin. Shit’s preposterous.
~ Fang


  • 19/11/2012 (11:35 AM)

    Mmmm apple liquor… Ugh… I could go for some cider right now.

  • 19/11/2012 (12:13 AM)

    My little boy’s growing up…

    To be an alcoholic…

    But I’m glad you had a cool time with your uncle and eh, maybe you guys can be buds now and what not.

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