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Steady decline.

I did a pretty lengthy and somewhat in-depth post yesterday, so surely I can get away with making it short today?

…no? Oh. Well, that’s too bad, I’m probably doing it anyway.
But ugh, today was just fabulous. I overslept, hurried, arrived at the station on time, only to discover my train had some small delays. Lovely. Train comes, I take it, head for school. Arrive in the other city, want to take the bus. Loads of people try to get in through doors other than the front door, which the bus driver won’t take because that way he can’t see if you checked in properly or not. So everyone has to get out and check in again and it just took way longer than it should.

So I arrive at school, only ever so slightly late for class, door’s closed. Most classrooms have a system in place that automatically locks doors for outsiders once class’s started. I thought this was the case, and decided to knock on the door since I wanted to get in anyway. The teacher opens the door, starts yapping at me about how her doors never lock, and I shouldn’t have knocked, and yadda yadda yadda. She basically made a huge deal out of it, instead of just saying “be on time next time” and continuing on with her lesson. It’s kinda counterproductive to talk for ten minutes how interruptive something is. It wouldn’t be half as if it weren’t for you making a fuss, crazy woman.

Other than that today was a pretty long day in general, at least compared to other days. I just can’t stand sitting on my ass and passively having to take in information all day, especially not for extended periods of time. Don’t think uni’s going to be the thing for me.

Ugh I need to go to bed.
~ Fang


  • 21/11/2012 (12:31 AM)

    It sounds like you did have a pretty shitty day but try to think of the good things as well. We had a lot of chatter on Twitter.

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