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Sorry folks, but I won’t be reviewing different OS styles if that’s what you’re expecting.

I will tell you though, that Metro sucks balls on desktops and laptops, but that’s besides the point I’m going to make somewhere in this post.
So I changed my wallpaper yesterday, from a pastel light brown to pure black. There’s some typography art in the middle, but that’s not what this is all about. (In before people calling me out to be a hipster or something else for having some cool typography as my wallpaper.)

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As requested by Mark, I’ll write a conversation between him and me.

‘Hey Fang, wake up.’
I open my eyes and find Mark standing next to my bed. Well, technically it’s not my bed, but it’s occupied by me.
‘Breakfast’s almost ready.’
He’s right. The smell of eggs and bacon fills the room. He left the door to my bedroom open. Well, technically it’s not my bedroom, but his brother is out of the house for a few weeks, and one of those weeks happens to be the one in which I visit.
‘You made breakfast?’
‘Yeah, bacon and eggs.’

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With my blog posts, that is.

If you thought I was getting increasingly late in real life as well, then you got that wrong. I’ve got my stuff sorted when it comes to that. Hell, I even underslept by an hour this morning. By accident, sure, but I got up with plenty of time to spare, so yeah, that sort of counts.

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Inspiration’s all cool, especially when it comes out of nowhere. I get a bit trouble when something inspires me though.

For example when I’m looking for a neat plot device, and I just can’t think of anything. I browse the web, watch some shows, and one of those things gives me the idea for the plot device I need, often because it’s almost and exact copy of the one in the thing that inspired me. And that’s just so ugh.

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Muh readers

Wish I could say that. Too bad I barely have any.

As far as I’m aware, pretty much the only people who visit this God forsaken place regularly are Mark, some other internet friends, and my stalker parents. Granted, I don’t really visit that many other blogs myself either, but eh, seems kind of lame an audience, dunnit? (I still love you Mark!)

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