Fang Talks

Fang talks, you listen.

Went rather damn well if I do say so myself.

It still sucked I had very little support from my team (only one person profusely apologized and told me to call her next time a similar situation occurs), but balls to that, I did it more or less flawlessly without them.

I just blurted out everything like it was no big deal, answered the asked questions pretty decently, and gave an overall good presentation, or so people told me as feedback afterwards. I didn’t even have to look at my little cheat sheet, though the fact that I had just written an essay on the exact same subject may have contributed to the victory in that area.

In other news, I am going to pick up writing again, again. That one project I started is something I didn’t get very far with, since I’m still stuck on the larger parts of the storyline, but a while ago I pulled an entirely new idea out of my ass in the shower (had to stomp the poo down the drain afterwards, but oh well), wrote it down real short, and then went to bed an hour later than planned. So yeah, I got some pretty concrete ideas for that already.

There’s still a lot of details and sub-stories that aren’t worked out yet though. There’s like at least twenty characters who need a proper part in the story (though not all of them will be told in their entirety, I’d still like to have ’em written down), and since most of those stories should interact with each other at some point, that’s a lot of planning to do to make sure I don’t mess shit up with discontinuity or something.

I may post a mockup of the first part sometime soon?
~ Fang

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