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07 10 12

Super Ludus

As promised yesterday, here’s part of the start of the story which I already have written out.

It’s nothing definitive, and it’s just a general outline of what I have in mind and how I think it should all go down, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway. Don’t even bother running away with my idea because I already have a time-stamped proof of concept, and I won’t hesitate to sue your ass if you cause me trouble. (Also it may not make complete sense here and there, but hey, I don’t want to spoil every little detail just yet!)

Supra Ludos announces their new game, Super Ludus, running on their newest Sub Reality engine, which is said to be more responsive and realistic than their previous (first) version. Capable of reading memories and stuff from players, instead of just current thoughts.
Been a year since they last released a game, so it’s a rather big deal. They decide to have a raffle so that a select amount of players can play it a week before the official release date. Tickets are given to people who buy a new game or complete hard achievements. Most tickets are fakes.

Samuel returns from a job interview at a local grocery store. He got hired, and can start next week! Really happy, and his parents are overjoyed, but he’s really tired. Does a little bit of gaming on his old-ass home console. An achievement box pops up on the top-right, “Long-term commitment”, a hard achievement you get for playing 500 hours total. He’s had the game for a long time now, and played it a lot over the years, so yeah.

The next morning he’s woken by his mom, ‘Sam there’s a man in a suit at the door who wants to speak with you.’
The man at the door is a Supra Ludos representative. He hands Samuel a Red Ticket, and explains how he won it. Hands him a small lighter, tells him to read the ticket before he tests it, and then walks away.
Samuel, following the instructions on the ticket, sets fire to the ticket. It burns for a while, but then the flames go out and a scorched logo has appeared in the “the logo will appear here if the ticket is valid” box. He and his mom stand there for a while, but then Samuel start, “But I just got the job to support you guys, I can’t just leave now!”
His mom reassures him he can, the day goes by, etc. etc. It’s still about five days before the event starts.

The next part may or may not come tomorrow.
~ Fang


  • 08/10/2012 (3:50 PM)

    Can’t wait! :O

  • 08/10/2012 (8:47 AM)

    Reminds me of Tron or Ender’s Game.

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