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The Pumpkin Tide

You had a bit of this yesterday, and I’ll give you some more today.

You’ll find a part removed where it just says “[spoilers]”. That’s stuff I don’t feel comfortable with telling you guys yet. Keep in mind that it’s a rough outline, and nothing’s set in stone yet. As usual, comments and critique would be appreciated (though I don’t think much can be given based on these little pieces?).

The morning of the event day, Samuel and his parents go to the main square in the city. That’s where SL HQ is located. The square is really crowded with a shitton of people who’re expecting some sort of show. Not yet having entered the crowd, Samuel spots another family, of which their young son has won a ticket. This makes Samuel double-check his pocket to see if he still has it.
A girl with ragged clothes comes running by, pulls the ticket out of the mom’s hands when she was just about to hand it to her son. The girl flees into the crowd.
‘It’s okay mom, you can leave now, I’ll manage.’ Samuel says and dashes in the crowd, trying to chase the girl after he gave the boy a quick wink.

After having given up the search/chase for the girl, Samuel is allowed in after showing his legit ticket. He is told to wait in some room. There’s a few official SL posters on the walls for games he’s heard of, but there’s also one that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

A while later he is called to get out of his room. He is greeted by a man in a SL suit, with a few people behind him. They walk towards another room in the hallway, and call out a person as well. The girl from the square with the stolen ticket comes out. She spots Samuel, walks up to him, “don’t you say a fucking thing kiddo”. He wisely keeps his mouth shut.
They are all brought to a room with a large screen. A little presentation rolls and the man tells some stuff about the game.

Hope this is getting you pumped!
~ Fang


  • 09/10/2012 (12:54 AM)

    So you started writing this? YAY! It’s sounding pretty good :)

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