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silent but deadly

Guess what, it’s probably not going to be as short as they’re expecting.

I told you about this bullshit essay thing we have to do for the most rage-worthy class in existence, right? (That’s Professional Skills for you. Also, I recently found out it’s a pilot class. That explains a lot.) Well, the individual essay needs to be done my Friday-morning, and I only just really started today. LOVELY PLANNING FANG.

Anyhoo, I started today, got the introduction done, and jotted some stuff down real quick, and oh buoy oh buoy. Just the introduction by itself already is one fourth of the minimum required length. That’s cool and all, but there’s also a maximum length, of which the introduction is one sixth. Damn, I’m fearing I’ll be going over the limit by way too much.

Finding sources isn’t the most fun task either. You’re allowed to use non-scientific sources but screw that, I want it to be a proper good document. So I search for a bit, find a good-looking one, and when I want to read it, it tells me I need to be subscribed to that site to view their content, or it tells me where I can buy the research document. But that’s not- I’m not even- Just give me-

Oh and then there’s this thing we have to attach to the final essay as well: our scores and results from some online site at which we have to take spelling and grammar test and do exercises and then take some more test. Holy cows people, it’s such an unstable, unreliable system, and God, you sure don’t have high expectation of me, do you? Having to teach me how basic sentence building goes?

Rage!Fang, OUT!
~ Fang


  • Anonymous
    16/10/2012 (10:35 AM)

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  • 02/10/2012 (4:49 PM)

    You poor thing.

  • 02/10/2012 (9:32 AM)

    Oooo… Definitely can relate to the “Not subscribed so fuck you” nonsense.

    Thankfully my University has subscribed for all its students to pretty much everything so lucky us. All we need to do is login with our student IDs.

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