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The answer is sex and money.

Just as I sent out an email to a bunch of “old” friends to go and meet next Saturday, I got notified that we’d be going out this Saturday as well.

And you know what, I ain’t complaining! It’s going to be good to see everyone again. Get each other up to speed with our stuff, the usual. I still miss everyone a lot. And I got friends at my new school and everything, but it takes time to build so strong a bond with people, so it just isn’t the same.

But hey, everyone’s doing great and everything, and we’ll be having a fun night out, so no time for that shit again!
I’ll be leaving you with just this short post, and tell you that I may just throw up a rough outline for the first part of the story I talked about yesterday tomorrow. (Lovely sentence there!)

Have a nice weekend!
~ Fang


  • 07/10/2012 (3:18 PM)

    You’re going to throw up yesterday tomorrow. x’D.

    IT WAS AWESOME, as you are well aware. Not ttly sure I’ll make it next week but I probably will.

  • 07/10/2012 (8:52 AM)

    it’s good to stay in touch

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