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24 10 12

Oh fun days

I guess I had sort of a nice day?

Started off in the morning with sleeping in. Woke up 11-something AM. Breakfast, fucked around for a bit, and then played Spiral Knights. I’ve found a pretty nice way of making decent amounts of pocket money, but doing it on a larger scale (and thus increasing the profits) is a bit dangerous, so I’ll stick to the small amounts for now.

Then we got an email from our Professional Skills teacher, telling us we haven’t yet mailed her the draft of our team evaluation. Oh. So it was 9 AM instead of PM? Welp.
So we worked together to quickly get that done. It ended up a pretty good draft, so we won’t have to make very many changes later on.

Oh I also got my grade for the Java test! I’m a tad bit disappointed, since I think it went flawless. It didn’t go that good, but a 9.1 is pretty great for a programming test made on paper nonetheless.
(Also, Hazel, I only get overconfident when I can permit myself to be so. ;D)

Played some more Spiral Knights just now, got joined by Xenonblade, who is apparently a really cool guy. We did a nice run, up until the Jelly King. First time fighting that boss, and hell are his minions annoying.

I’ve just alienated all of my readers, haven’t I?
~ Fang


  • 25/10/2012 (8:41 AM)

    I kinda miss playing Spiral Knights

  • 25/10/2012 (8:28 AM)

    Well I was only offering some advice.

  • 25/10/2012 (1:28 AM)

    Nope you haven’t alienated all of them. A 9.1, provided it’s out of ten, is excellent and something you can be very proud of. It’s a shame it’s not perfect but nothing ever is really. If I wake up at 11 I actually never have breakfast. As such, I’ve not had breakfast in weeks. Unless you count lunch as breakfast.

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