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Oh busy days

Did a lot of things today! Or rather, stretched a lot of stuff out over the day.

Took the Databases test. It went pretty well, though some of the queries were pretty challenging. For those of you tech-savvy enough, there was one query in which we were supposed to use three IN statements. Yeah, or three joins, but that’s “not the way they taught you”. (Also it’s slower on larger databases, but whatever.)

After that we had our team evaluation meeting, in which our teacher basically told us some stuff about how she thinks we cooperate and asked us a bunch of questions on what went well and what went wrong and such. The meeting went pretty well, she seemed pleased with our level of cooperation and companionship, so that’s always nice.

Back at home I tried getting some stuff done for work. However, I had Spiral Knights open in the background because there was an auction I was monitoring. Needless to say, the work wasn’t very paced. Had a great time hanging with Tier Zero (the guild I’ve recently become part of) though.

It’s a great game, y’all should play it. (Pointing at you two, Mark and Shaw.)
~ Fang


  • 26/10/2012 (1:44 AM)

    I’ll play it when I have the time, energy, fitness, decent computer, insert excuse here. You did good with your test though, so you’ve earned some kickback with Spiral Knights.

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