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21/01/2011 never forget
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Indoor skydiving

As I foretold yesterday, I went indoor skydiving today!

Got to get up hella early though, since it was a two-hour car trip. Slept during most of it, but still was pretty sleepy by the time we got there. We had a fun night with friends yesterday, so yeah. Seeing the introductory movie there got me pretty pumped though, so the sleepiness went away soon enough.

The introductory video just highlighted some of the hand signals you need to know. Indoor skydiving is done in a vertical wind tunnel, and boy does the vent powering that make a lot of noise. Earbuds in, helmet on, and ready to go!

My dad and I got three one-minute sessions. In the first one, we got a basic feeling for what it’s like to float on air and how you can control yourself. In the second one we learned to float up and down, and the tutor had me do a barrel roll as well.
Final round. With the help of the tutor we went in a sort of whirlpool pattern up and down real fast. Shit was amazing!

‘Twas a really cool experience. If you ever get the chance, go do it as well!
~ Fang


  • 28/10/2012 (7:06 AM)

    That sounds like fun. I had the opportunity to go actual skydiving with classmates a number of years ago but it conflicted with my schedule and I had to decline. :(

  • 27/10/2012 (9:31 PM)

    I was wondering how would do an indoor skydive. A wind tunnel makes sense. Also, fuck yeah you for doing a barrel roll. You’re living the internets.

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