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Oh dear oh dear, only fifteen minutes left at the time of writing!

It’s not unusual that I run a little late with writing my blog posts. Sometimes this is done intentionally, if I want a bit more attention to go to the previous post. Other times, I either forgot or was too busy to write it.
And yes, that means I do write almost every single post on the day it is posted, usually even right before it, since I publish ’em once done. Impressive? Nah.

So yeah, been really busy today. Got a lot of schoolwork done at, well, school, even though I was chatting with Mark for a bit during class. The magic of the internet is right there though.
And after I came home I spent most of my time working. Pretty much styled an entire site (including freshly-added content) in one evening, with the occasional disturbance. Doing good here.

I am getting pretty tired real fast though. Irritated, too. Good thing autumn break is coming up, but then again, I’ll have to get shit done during it as well.

Also, I have a new mousemat. It’s not really mine. I mean, I sort of lost-and-found stole it. Class was over, went home, came across this table in the media centre. The mousemat was just laying there, with nobody around. The poor thing must’ve been forgotten, so I couldn’t help myself, walked over, and put it in my bag. It’s a cheap-ass plain black one, but at least it’s a lot more stylish than my old one.

Suggestions for a name for the adopted fellow?
~ Fang


  • 11/10/2012 (1:13 AM)

    I’ve never had to name a mouse mat and now I feel sad that I never did. Then again on the rare occasions I use a mouse (mostly for gaming) I use my leg actually. The joy of laser mice, or optical or whatever they’re called. I think it is actually mildly impressive to write every post live. I write far less ahead than I used to, and now generally write something the night before.

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