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Forgetting stuff

I have a feeling. You probably know the one. The one where you feel like you’re forgetting something vital.

We probably all have it every now and then, that indistinguishable feeling that you’re forgetting something. You just have no idea what. It’s been messing with me all day now. I’ve checked every little to-do list I have laying around, but none of them listed anything particularly important.

It’s probably best to just let it be and move on, but the feeling’s been sticking for so long now I just can’t bring myself to anymore. And yeah, if it were important, I’d already have remembered, but it just feels so wrong.

Oh well. Guess it’s a part of me I have to live with? Who knows. Maybe I’ll have to brutally murder that part of myself. Y’know, like a schizophrenic person getting rid of his personalities. But then they start to see what you’re doing and they hurt you, like, real bad, in some sort of crazy kamikaze action. It won’t be long ’til you’re forced to go back into the comfy white room with the loud voices again.

~ Fang


  • 29/10/2012 (6:24 PM)

    Is it pk?

    • 29/10/2012 (10:27 PM)

      Well, interest’s been rather low again. I really should map this out and derive a sine function to go with my level of interest in these matters. |:

  • 29/10/2012 (1:40 AM)

    I’d suspect you were descending into madness but I long since accepted that you already had. It is true that if it was something important you would have remembered it by now. Just don’t focus on it and your brain will let you know when it has an answer for you. I think suddenly remembering something or having a random answer is a lot weirder than feeling like you’ve forgotten something.

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