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I kind of don’t feel like writing a post but here goes anyway.

So for some reason, this Eurobeat genre is actually quite okay to listen to. I’m not normally one to listen to the kinds of music you’d find played in clubs and such, but I’m not entirely sure if Eurobeat fits in there. An example of good stuff is this, this, and a personal favorite, this. Yeah, I’ve become a fan of Odyssey (and honestly, they’re the only label I’ve listened to so far).

Also, fun fact, there’s an actual formula most artist use for writing their songs. Though I’m generally against these kind of cookie-cutter recipes (except when it comes to OOP), it’s pretty cool there’s an actual written down version.

intro → riff (musical synth) → a melo(verse) → a melo2(bridge) → a sabi (chorus) → riff (musical synth) → outro

Looks kind of bland, but it all sounds cool anyway!
~ Fang


  • 17/10/2012 (12:46 AM)

    As big a fan of metal and rock as I am, there is some dance I find irresistible. It’s not really the things you find in the club scene, but of that variety Eurobeat is something I definitely enjoy. You should check out the sound track to the anime Initial D. Especially Streets Of Fire, it’s probably the most prominent track.

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