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Yeah yeah we’re all consumers so I’m basically telling the world they’re an idiot, but whatever.

See this? Sure, it’s a cool piece of technology, and definitely has some useful uses, but the way this is going to go is that it’ll end up in the hands of mainstream consumerism, and we’ll all frantically be waving our arms in the air to control a computer in no-time.
And that’s fucking terrible.

I’m not hating on the technology itself, mind you. It’s pretty impressive stuff. But what bothers me here is that they present a use for it in day-to-day computing for the Average Joe. And the Average Joe doesn’t care about the direction in which technology is going, as long as they have that “wow factor” going. And the wow factor is nice to have, but come on, our bodies are capable of way more than throwing gestures in mid-air!

What I’m trying to say is that these kinds of technologies take less and less advantage of the capabilities of the human body. Our hands can feel really well, so tactile feedback would be cool, and hell, even kneading some blob as a means of input doesn’t sound too bad. We have an infinite amount of possibilities we can do with that anyway! But then look at touch-screens: swipe, pinch, all those non-natural movements on a flat surface with no real feedback at all. What good is that, really?

We need to make tools that fit us, not make us fit the tools we make.
~ Fang


  • 04/10/2012 (9:09 PM)

    Why not?
    Agree, love linux because of the console, configurability and public development. Though, more distros seem to be closing these features in .. to please Average Joes. It’s kind of sad to see every new version take up more resources and provide less features than previous ones.

  • 04/10/2012 (2:31 AM)

    So it’s like Kinect, but for the computer? That’s silly ><

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