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Five years?!
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Hey all, I found something interesting on the internet again!

You really have to check out, it’s amazing. It’s basically a site that sells bones and other remains of animals and insects (and humans). But mostly bones. They have complete skeletons, but they also sell small, separate parts, and stuff like fossils or the rattles from rattle snakes!

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. No, stuff wasn’t killed for the bones.
I actually find it pretty cool you can just go and buy a bunch of cow tail bones, or an alligator’s foot on a little keychain. Sure it’s kind of shady, but you got to admit, who wouldn’t want a coyote claw keychain?

I wish they had wolf stuff. I would buy the everliving snot (that it to say, no snot, because it’s all dead stuff) out of wolf fangs. I’d see if I can get my hands on a really large one and make an awesome necklace out of it.

Yeah, that’d be cool.
~ Fang


  • 30/10/2012 (8:28 AM)

    That actually sounds pretty creepy

  • 30/10/2012 (1:38 AM)

    A wolf claw necklace is the dream but for now I can live with a coyote claw necklace. I can just lie about where it came from.

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