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This week, and the next one too, are project weeks for school.

What this entails is basically that we have to be at school almost every day from start to end, which means getting up as early as I did today, 6 AM, and usually not leaving ’til five or half past five or something along those lines. But hey, if we can get enough work done at school, that all shouldn’t be much of a problem, since we can get away with leaving early.

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Sadly, that didn’t turn out to be the case. It was double the trouble.

The plan was to work on the essay for school, starting at 2 PM. That went as planned, and all was cool, but in the end it took a bit long to finish. Why? I had taken the job of doing the styling on me, so the final process was mine to complete. The styling itself didn’t take much longer than expected, but the fact that I spread that workload out over the entire day wasn’t exactly helping.

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Hey all, I found something interesting on the internet again!

You really have to check out, it’s amazing. It’s basically a site that sells bones and other remains of animals and insects (and humans). But mostly bones. They have complete skeletons, but they also sell small, separate parts, and stuff like fossils or the rattles from rattle snakes!

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Forgetting stuff

I have a feeling. You probably know the one. The one where you feel like you’re forgetting something vital.

We probably all have it every now and then, that indistinguishable feeling that you’re forgetting something. You just have no idea what. It’s been messing with me all day now. I’ve checked every little to-do list I have laying around, but none of them listed anything particularly important.

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Indoor skydiving

As I foretold yesterday, I went indoor skydiving today!

Got to get up hella early though, since it was a two-hour car trip. Slept during most of it, but still was pretty sleepy by the time we got there. We had a fun night with friends yesterday, so yeah. Seeing the introductory movie there got me pretty pumped though, so the sleepiness went away soon enough.

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