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Adventure Time!

I came across yet another great webcomic guys, and I’ll be telling you all about it!

Paranatural is an ongoing webcomic about Max, a twelve-year-old boy who just moved from the big city into a relatively more rural area. He soon starts seeing weird things around him, and after a bit of hassle, joins one of the school’s clubs: the Activity Club. Better known as the Paranatural Activity Club to its members.

Only read the first chapter so far, but the story is intriguing, the art is really cool and fitting, and the concept is pretty good as well. You got to like the fantasy-ish stuff, sure, but it’s really good once you get into it. I pretty much read the first chapter in one go.

Action is portrayed well, scenery is worked out pretty well on average, and the style isn’t ugly or anything, so yeah, a really attractive comic in general. Go check it out!

I wrote this at 11, it’s almost 12 now and I forgot to hit publish!
~ Fang

UPDATE: Also it’s fucking hilarious. Great humor.


  • 30/09/2012 (9:38 PM)

    A straight fav, thanks!

  • 27/09/2012 (8:12 AM)

    looks decent enough

  • 27/09/2012 (12:49 AM)

    Lols poor Fang forgot to hit publish. I can’t say I’ve done that yet. I do like the sound of that comic, and I could do with a new webcomic to read, so check it out I shall.

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