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Double-reverse irony

You’ll probably hear me saying this as well tomorrow or the day after, when the podcast is here, but damn, I hate my voice.

It’s just so unappealing, boring, and stupid-sounding. I haven’t done shit for the podcast yet, mind you, but I did fiddle around with different recording methods, and my voices sounds like shit in all of ’em.
Yeah yeah, I’m just not used to hearing it and all, whatever. It’s still weird.

Thing is, in my head my voice sounds pretty okay, and any voice acting I try sounds decent as well. problems kick in though when I listen to what I just recorded. It’s so ugh, and there’s always the crackling ugly part of my voice, sticking up like a sore thumb.

Not to mention my slight lisp when speaking English. Like, where the hell does that even come from? It’s so stupid I don’t even want it there come on work with me here.

Guess I’m being stubborn as always.
~ Fang


  • 15/09/2012 (9:27 PM)

    Now you know how I feel and why I say everything I say. Not so easy is it?

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