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First day of school today. Only subject I head was programming in Java.

Though part of the “introduction to programming” course, it’s Java. And they focussed on Object Oriented Programming (which is basically all you can do with Java from the looks of it, but hey). If there’s two things you don’t need to teach a beginner it’s a shitty language and difficult concepts.

From what I’ve heard Java is a pretty crappy language (and I now see at least one con (which is also a pro for beginners): not being able to mess around with your data pointers), but OOP really gets me confused here. Even some more experienced folks still seem to have trouble with OOP every now and then, so why teach it to a group of which you assume they start with absolutely zero programming knowledge?

It is a good type of programming to learn though, I’ll give them that. And I can get along just fine even though I don’t have any prior experience with Java and how it works. Might as well do all the exercises now so I don’t have to show up in any of the lessons?

Nah, I’ll see how it goes first.
~ Fang


  • 03/09/2012 (9:05 PM)

    It may seem a bit silly now but you never know when you might need those skills. So learn em!

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