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20 09 12

Reality shows

I talked about this with someone a little while ago, and figured I might as well throw my opinion at you guys too.

Now I don’t normally watch reality series, soaps, or any of those “real something” things. But when I do, I always feel stupid for watching them. Why? It’s all fake. Everything’s completely planned, with only very little room for improvisation here and there. It’s portraying someone’s life as if it were more exciting than it actually is. They’re showing fake reality TV!

It just downright bothers me that this is something that’s true for most things. Hell, I bet that even if those Expedition Robinson series people are told to stage a fight or make x or y go wrong on purpose, just because it’d make for more interesting television.

Reality series aren’t things you watch to get fooled. You watch them to learn more about someone’s life, their lifestyle, and so on. …or at least, people did that in the very early beginning. Nowadays people watch it because it’s exciting and fun to watch. Guess that’s the source of the problem, and that source feeds on the fake thrill of the series. It’s a cycle of no escape, really.

Enough ranting for today.
~ Fang


  • 21/09/2012 (12:40 AM)

    But by your own admission, by being fake they are reality. At the start yes, it allowed us to see in to another persons life. I imagine Big Brother started out as a social experiment. Then it became, well, the feces infested crud that it remains to this day. Talk shows are supposedly staged a lot, but I’m not sure on reality TV. I guess it depends on the show. Sometimes though, you want to think that those people aren’t really like that, that they couldn’t exist, so much, your mind makes it so.

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