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I’m not going to post shit about the new Apple stuff except that the iPod Touch now comes in colors. Nothing else is worth mentioning.

Now, I know my parents occasionally read my blog. I don’t know if they still do, and I honestly don’t care if they find this post. So please do excuse me while I rant on about my dad and, in part, the Apple fandom for a bit.

Hear the Keynote’s over, so I casually check the Apple site to see if there’s anything worth noting. I see the Touch’s colors, walk into the living room, declare “Yes! The iPod Touch now comes in colors!” and want to leave again. Dad asks me if he can see it. “Sure.” … “Oh you want me to bring my laptop here sure thing.”
So I bring over my laptop, sit down in between my parents, and get the show going. Everyone peeing their pants over the larger screen and my dad rambling on about how cool it is that it’s ever so slightly thinner.

I myself don’t give a shit, and I don’t mind that they all do, but it’s irritating when there’s a huge fucking circus going on around your laptop which you just brought to show your dad something. I hastily scroll through some more pages to find interesting stuff, find nothing, and want to leave again.
“No stay show me x and y.” “You have a computer of your own right?” “Yeah but it’s not a laptop bluh bluh.”
And then when I leave anyway I get the shitload generously sprayed all over me. “Sure, leave then.” etc etc.

He didn’t really show it, but he’s so damn excited about the “brand new” “revolutionary” “much thinner and lighter” “best iPone yet”, that he simply can’t have it when he can’t look at it and its specs and everything to his heart’s content.
Call me unreasonable, but I hate that side of him. (Sorry dad, but get rid of your inner fanboy. Apple products ain’t all gold, it’s mostly buzzwords and you know it damn well.)

Yeah. Sorry for bothering y’all today.
~ Fang


  • 13/09/2012 (6:36 PM)

    Sounds like my parents with regards to some Chinese traditions. I’ve given up trying to change them or tell them otherwise. We get along better that way.

  • 12/09/2012 (9:49 PM)

    Okay okay I won’t call you a fanboy. I can call your dad one though. Cos he actually is. I don’t like that part of the Apple fandom too. It’s nice to like a product, but to get all excited over the tiniest changes and such, then it’s just weird, and to have a go at you for wanting to do other things? Bit much. Oh it comes in colours now? I have a pink MP3 player and I’ve had it for years now. Bah. I’m going to resist attacking Apple though, and just say you have my feels.

  • 12/09/2012 (8:15 PM)

    So what if he’s excited, what’s the big deal?

    • 12/09/2012 (8:50 PM)

      That he rages at me for having better stuff to do than sit there and have him gawk at pictures on my laptop all day.
      And he’s allowed to be excited, but not be blinded by it! He’s just acting so stupid over all this, for example his blatant biased, unfounded hate for Windows or anything not Apple for example.

    • 13/09/2012 (9:37 AM)

      Fair enough if you had other stuff to do but calm down, everyone is entitled to be a fanboy of something. So what if his is Apple? You could say mine is Harry Potter and yours is Homestuck for example

    • 13/09/2012 (10:49 AM)

      He’s blindly assuming anything Apple brings out is 100% perfect and great and everything. That’s just not having common sense.

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