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07 09 12

Pizza’s good

There’s so many different pizza’s guys do you even have any idea.

Today I had the single best variation though. Shawarma pizza. (Haha English spelling of words.) It’s basically a margarita with shawarma meat on top of it, and then you eat it with garlic sauce. (Or at least that’s the way I prefer it. Sorry ladies.)
And boy is it God-like.

I’ve seen and tasted a lot of different pizza’s already, but the shawarma pizza definitely takes the cake. It’s by no means the most healthy one, but who cares, pizza’s you don’t make yourself tend to be hella shitty when it comes to proper intake values and stuff anyway.

Also, there’s been this thing in the top right corner of my screen for most of the day now. It’s a reminder to get some job work done. But first I was at school, then I was at home, then I got pizza, ate pizza, and then only an hour or so left before I left the house again for a fun night. (I’m not here by the time you read this.)

What kinds of pizza do you like best?
~ Fang


  • 08/09/2012 (11:23 AM)

    This Shwarma pizza sounds absolutely yum! You should totally try out this Arabian dish called Shwarma,I bet you`d like it too :)

    Pizza…ah,if it smells divine and has really nice crusts,I`ll eat it,regardless of it`s kind <3

    A hunger provoking post,I must say! :D

  • 07/09/2012 (10:29 PM)

    Oh God all my feels. I don’t really have a favourite kind of pizza, I just can’t choose. Jessica recently introduced me to the magic that is achovies. I have now since found remotely healthy pizzas I can eat as part of a balanced diet :D

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