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Sugoi programming onii-chan!

Got to love those folks!

There’s this guy at a community I’m part of who purchased web hosting. He no longer uses it though, but he still wanted to get some use out of it before the rent runs out December this year, so he made a limited FTP account and made the login details available to the community.

It wasn’t long before people started uploading all kinds of things to the server, ranging from wallpapers to recipes, to a bunch of Linux distros and really old operating systems. An extremely broad range of content, provided by and available to hundreds of people. That, my friends, is the true power of the internet. Besides, it’s great fun!

So far I’ve gotten my hands on Mac OS 9 (which I remember from my childhood), a set of old games, recipes for all kinds of stuff (apparently also things sold in those large chains) and a bunch of tiny text files about “hacking”, which in those is basically just tweaking your system and messing with your BIOS, that kind of stuff.
Oh and an empty text file called “penis.txt”.

Just found two PDFs on functional geometry, sweet! So much fun, finding new stuff after you come back from a quick snack or something. Lovely to see, so many people contributing to a large pile of useful and less useful stuff.

The internet is great!
~ Fang


  • 20/09/2012 (7:50 PM)

    I’m kind of suspicious of penis.txt.

    Was someone being lazy and uncreative or is there some deeper meaning behind this?

  • 20/09/2012 (1:11 AM)

    The internet is great but I’m wondering why you downloaded something called penis.txt and why you seem sad it was blank.

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