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10 09 12

I was mistaken

Remember when I said that Java programming at school was at least a little bit fun? I was sorely mistaken.

And there I lied. It is fun, but the pace is still way low. Finished the homework during class today, so I figured I might as well work ahead a bit.
With the help of some exercises provided by school, I taught myself the basics of GUI’s in Java.

Self-taught genius, even though it’s supposed to be part of my study. And yeah, yeah, the pace’ll pick up and everything (even though they claim the beginning to be the hardest) but then this first part is still hella boring, and to be honest, ever so slightly demotivating as well.

I’ve been shitting on my blog about the easy-modo of my study way too much though, so I’ll leave it at this for today.

Sleeping in tomorrow, since I’ll be (legally) skipping webdev class!
~ Fang


  • sm
    10/09/2012 (9:42 PM)

    self learning is good

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