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29 09 12

Fight Club

I know, I know, I’m really late to this party, but I feel like I need to write down my thoughts anyway.

I won’t be reviewing the movie or anything, but I’ll be talking about a small part of what the Fight Club did, regarding society sucking and media brainwashing people and all that.

If I recall correctly, at one point they had a bunch of weekly tasks for the members to complete. This started looking more like Project Chaos, but wasn’t as brutal as that. For example, they painted over bilboards, telling people how to work around little “musts” of society, how to break free from the spell of consumerism.

Like so.

That’s a really awesome thing to do if you ask me. Too bad they started looking more and more like a group of terrorists later on, but it started out cool nonetheless.

Last day of the weekend tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 30/09/2012 (7:10 AM)

    I never finished watching the movie actually which is too bad.

    Maybe I should read the book?

  • 30/09/2012 (12:45 AM)

    I really did like Project Mayhem. Plus I didn’t mind the end result too much. I think it was a little bit far, but the concept was sound. Reset everyone to zero, no one has any money. But the little things they did as Mayhem made a lot of sense. Like when he robbed the store and basically convinced the clerk to go to college.

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