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Follow-up for yesterday’s post here.

So I did a bit of research, asked some folks who know their stuff, even got in brief contact with a lawyer. The answers I got were mixed, but most stated that I should be putting forth at least a minimal amount of effort towards preventing illegal content from being uploaded, and that when I got notified of illegal content (ie by the author of said content), I should take it down as soon as possible.

Sounds fair enough, but sadly, that does not cover all cases. It seems to be a highly subjective matter that differs per individual case, so I don’t think there’s a surefire way to keep the lawsuits away. Reducing the chances of getting one is very well possible, but it just doesn’t give that 100% certainty that would be quite comforting to have.

However, I did get in content with someone who told me his group has a few lawyers, and would be willing to back me up in case I were to face a lawsuit. That’s nice. We discussed it partly anonymous, but at least there’s a chance I have people to rely on.

I probably got you all wondering as to what’s going on. Well, I’ll tell you this: shit’s going down.
Nah, not really, but I will be moving into the territory of file-sharing websites. And since we all know what happened to Megaupload, we can see it can be quite a dangerous area.

…and I’m about to plunge in head-first.
~ Fang


  • 04/08/2012 (8:49 PM)

    Good luck, just stay on the right side of the law lol

  • 04/08/2012 (10:26 AM)

    Um, I fear for your safety. Hope you meet up with Kim Dotcom (actually, don’t), if you end up in jail (not that I want that :/)

  • 04/08/2012 (9:37 AM)

    Your blog looks totally cool,HOW did you do it?! :O :D

  • 04/08/2012 (8:50 AM)

    Woah, way to stay super vague and very ominous. Hope you don’t actually get into any legal trouble.

  • 04/08/2012 (12:24 AM)

    Well you have two ways you can go about it. You can make it so it’s online storage only, but then it wouldn’t be file sharing, or you can not give a crap. There are plenty of examples of when it’s not a good idea, so I’m glad that you’re willing to do it really. It’s best to prepare as much as you can.

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