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Is that a joke about my length?

I’ve arrived in Sweden, and am currently typing this from Sophia’s laputopu-chan. Hurray!

My parents dropped me off at an airport just over the border in Germany. I went through this and that, luckily got nothing confiscated, and boarded the plane! We flew high above the clouds, and boy was there a lot of them! Good sights, and even a mini-rainbow.

The landing was a tad rough, though the weather over here in Sweden is really shitty (welcome to Sweden!), so what did I expect, eh?
Then made my was to the bus, got to Stockholm, and got picked up by Sophia who, for a change, didn’t turn out to be some weird pervert luring foreign children to Sweden. Cool! :D

So here we are, both hella tired, and that’s why I’ll be signing off for now! See you tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 07/08/2012 (2:09 PM)

    Sounds like this is going to be an enjoyable trip, good weather or not =P Can’t wait for more updates!

  • 07/08/2012 (9:53 AM)

    Cool, I hope you do some sight-seeing though instead of just being on the internet all the time though!

  • 07/08/2012 (1:48 AM)

    enjoy your trip

  • 06/08/2012 (10:57 PM)

    Have fun guys, and remember this trip is more important than your blog. Don’t put Sophia to the side. I mean it.

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