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Five years?!
12 08 12

Sweden: day six

Sophia has pretty cool friends!

We went to the local amusement park today. Sophia was all “eh I’ll be shitty company” because she didn’t intend to go on any of the rides, so she invited some of her friends (cool people) to come as well.

Great times were had there. Also, Sophia was pretty damn brave! She had this fear of all things that move in an amusement park, since she got kind of “traumatised” many years ago. After she pulled together the courage to go on one of the rides, it turns out that they can actually be quite fun!
Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned…

They also had this thing, where you sat down on, well, basically nothing, and it lifted you up real high, tiled you face-down, and then dropped you in a free fall. Stuff was kind of scary, but so worth it in the end!

So yeah great times and all. But bluh, I’ll be leaving tomorrow. Feels bad man. Guess I’ll then have to write an afterthoughts post or something.

We’ll see.
~ Fang

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