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07 08 12

Sweden: day one

My first day here in Sweden is about to end, so here’s a little report for you guys.

After sleeping in, we went and saw Stockholm today! Now, now, we didn’t enter any fancy museums or anything, I’m not really that much of a culture-freak and Sophia thinks everything is boring, but we did stroll around the city (in circles, most of the time), and saw a few sights here and there.

We also went and watches a few My Little Pony episodes (judge us, or not, we’ll love and tolerate the shit out of you anyway), and tried watching Adventure Time, but couldn’t find any good place to watch it. Recommendations, anyone?

And I got complimented on my English! Her mom, who just so happens to be American, told me I speak English pretty well! Personally I still think my pronunciation is utter garbage, but hey, what do I know, I’m no native speaker!

I’ll be off for today! (Also, Tonkow, I fly from Skavsta Airport, so if you work there, tell me where I can find you coming Monday!)
~ Fang


  • 08/08/2012 (8:50 PM)

    “we went and saw Stockholm today!” “I got complimented on my English!”

    the IRONY, but dont worry about it, it happens to everyone, all the time! in fact i just did saw something wrong in my grammer ;)

  • 08/08/2012 (11:04 AM)

    But seriously, pictures? 0:’D.

  • 08/08/2012 (10:17 AM)

    Lol so you went all the way to Sweden to watch My Little Pony?

  • 08/08/2012 (3:08 AM)

    nice share have a nice day in sweden

  • 07/08/2012 (10:02 PM)

    Well from what I remember of your English, you do speak it pretty well so don’t worry about that. I’m glad the two of you had fun but you should do things in Sweden that aren’t just watching shows together.

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