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20 08 12

Nothing today

If you haven’t already, check out Saturday’s and Sunday’s post for pieces of fiction I’ve been spontaneously writing!

There won’t be a third part today, because I’ve been busy doing other stuff. The (small) company I work at is going to “renew” itself soon, so to speak, so we want to come in with a bang, and of course, a pretty new website. And that’s where I come in! It’s been coming along rather nicely, and for the most part, the deadline we have (tomorrow evening) seems pretty meet-able!

On a slightly related note, I’m getting so awfully impatient! My new laptop and also long overdue upgrade are said to arrive between the 22nd and 24th of August. I had secretly hoped the thing would arrive a bit sooner, but no sign of that yet.
I’ve been waiting for this upgrade since before 2012, and I dare say it’s about time I got a new computer. It’s going to be my first laptop as well, so yeah, super excited about that, obviously!

The wait’s especially hard when you’ve already figured out what you want to do with it (ie install this and that, make three partitions so I can triple-boot it with Mac OSX, Windows 7 and a Linux distro (likely to be Ubuntu)). So much to look forward to, and it’s so close, but just out of reach!

Patience is key, I guess.
~ Fang


  • 20/08/2012 (10:49 PM)

    Waiting is the worst, but it’s only a few days away! Good luck with the whole website thing too. It’s hard work -_-. Harder perhaps even than waiting for a new laptop to arrive. This is why they invented stores.

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