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15 08 12

Mosquito bites

The thing I hate most about summer: those pesky mosquitos and their dastardly ways.

Have only been home for two night, and I’ve already scored quite a few bites. It’s really stupid, especially since I keep my door mostly closed as often as possible. I’m really paranoid about keeping the mosquitos out, and yet they always get me. It’s so frustrating!

Not to mention that when, say, your arm gets covered the itching sometimes transitions into hurting, like real fucking painful, as if you overexerted the muscles in your arm.
It also gets nasty when you have ’em in places you use often, such as the parts of your arm that tend to rest on the edge of your desk. You’ll have to get in really awkward positions to not constantly scratch it.

What do you guys to do prevent mosquitos from getting to you? And if they do, then what do you do about the bites? Any quick cures you happen to know? Or am I better off just waiting it out and pray they disappear soon?

Wish I could just suck the venom out.
~ Fang


  • 16/08/2012 (7:15 AM)

    When I was a kid, I would always use the spray on repellent. Now, I just live where it’s too cold for them to live :)

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