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My first computer upgrade in six years. My first laptop in ever. It’s finally here, and I can barely contain myself!

Yes, I bought an Apple product. Yes, it’s an overpriced piece of buzzwords. But hey, I need to run Mac OSX stably for school, and in the end I only paid about 1k Euros (of the grand total of 2.8k) myself. Haters gonna hate, now get the fuck out.

I come from a really slow computer from 2006, so I won’t praise its speed since that’d probably be really biased. But damn, the thing’s fast! This is the computing experience I’ve always wanted: instantaneous and smooth. Probably also in part thanks to the fact that its storage is 100% flash based. No spinning disks, more speed!

The main attraction here though, is the screen. It’s a high-DPI screen, “retina” they call it. A regular old 15″ laptop screen, except for the fact that the resolution is a whopping 2880×1800 pixels! For comparison, that’s about twice the resolution of a HD TV!
Where this insane resolution is supported, everything looks hella crisp. Text is finer than print, very easy on the eye, and oh so beautiful.

Minor flaw is all the dongles I had to purchase. The laptop’s really thin and light, but in order to get that I had to sacrifice the optical drive (don’t care) and two ports: Firewire and Ethernet. I got two Thunderbolt ports though, so I bought Thunderbolt to Firewire and Ethernet dongles. But then I discovered Thunderbolt only provides 7W for external devices, while my external HDD needs 10W. Cable management is a bit of a bitch, but it’s oh so worth it.

Gaming? Haven’t tried it yet. Seems like a pretty decent dedicated GPU they put in there, but I’ve yet to put it to the test myself.
Related: the new cooling system. The laptop still gets quite hot to the touch in certain areas under minor stress, so the new cooling system doesn’t work as well as advertised. The fans are noticeably more silent though, which is good.

Good thing: they finally added an HMDI port. And since I’ve now got a display to spare, I hook that up! The dual-monitor setup works great, really convenient now that I’ve got a place to plonk down all those digital sticky notes!

Overall a great laptop, I’d say! Relatively thin and light, quite powerful, beautiful screen, superb build-quality, and for fuck’s sake, it’s a speedy computer! :D

Could’ve fleshed this out way more, but won’t bore you much longer. There’s a shitton of other reviews and such out there as well, so Google for ’em if you’re interested!

Be right back, installing a Windows and a Linux partition!
~ Fang


  • 23/08/2012 (10:45 AM)

    Sounds like a neat thing! Congrats!
    However, just because it’s apple, I wouldn’t personally buy it. I’m more of a Windows guy myself.
    Except when looking for programming.
    Then I go Linux.
    Although it’s been about 4-5 years since that happened.

  • 23/08/2012 (10:07 AM)

    I’m going to warn you right now, get a cooling pad or something for the future. That thing is going to overheat like crazy sooner or later.

    I would know from firsthand experience. ._.

  • 22/08/2012 (11:36 PM)

    “The fans are noticeably more silent”, “The laptop still gets quite hot to the touch in certain areas under minor stress, so the new cooling system doesn’t work as well as advertised” THE FANS ARE NOT WORKING. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE QUIET.

    • 23/08/2012 (12:34 AM)

      Asymmetrical fan blades man ;D

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