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Buoy oh buoy!

Just like yesterday, I spent most of my time today working. We’ve got a big launch coming up, mainly the renaming, rebranding, restarting of the company I work at. And with that comes a brand new website that should deliver a bang! I spent most of my time today working on the projects page, which acts as a portfolio. It’s a lot of hard work, but the end result is so worth it!

I can’t tell you more right now, but you guys will definitely be notified once it’s launched! If all goes favorable, this is tomorrow, or at least some time this week!

But eh, it sucks. I still have so much I want to do, and there’s only one measly week of summer vacation left. I still haven’t gotten around the installing Windows 7 and Ubuntu, I’ve left secretproject [LE] ignored again, and I really need to step up my game when it comes to playing the guitar as well.

A man can only do so many things at a time though. But eh, what has to be done, has to be done, right?

Also, pretty pretty laptop!
~ Fang


  • 24/08/2012 (12:57 PM)

    Windows 7 and Ubuntu? why not pick one or the other?

  • 24/08/2012 (8:18 AM)

    ENJOY your laptop! Seems like going back to work is a fun prospect for you! Enjoy it.

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