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Praise be to ~zod.

I came across this site today. It’s called IFTTT (short for If This Then That), and it allows you to link web services together and have them trigger each other.

For example, you can have it automatically send a tweet saying “here we go!” whenever the share price of your favourite company drops below, say, $200. Or, a more useful example, have it send any new Instagram submission to a folder in your Dropbox. There’s a lot of “channels” that you can use, and you can link them all!

I only have one “recipe” in use so far. It’s this one, and it tweets “Post title –” (with proper data) whenever I publish a new blog post. We’ll see how that goes in a few minutes!

For a lot of the channels listed I don’t have an account or simply can’t think up a good use, but most of you have Facebook and whatnot, so squeeze something clever out of there!
Also, it can text (international) and call (US only), or respond to those things. Smart use: have it call you whenever you text “escape” to it. Then sneakily text “escape” if you’re in a situation you need to get out of, ie a boring party. You’ll get called, then act like you have to leave real quick!

Also there 404 file not found error page features a unicorn, because “the file you are looking for does not exist”. Instant bonus points.

Useful? Worthless? Just pure genius? You tell me!
~ Fang


  • 04/08/2012 (9:35 PM)

    That my friend is pure freakin genius except for one thing. Unicorns DO exist. Though yeah it really seems like an awesome website, and I may just set it up to post tweets whenever I make a post. You know, if I can work it out.

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