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24 08 12

Hi-DPI screens

As I said before, this shiny new laptop has a hi-DPI screen. Most of you will be more familiar with the marketing term “retina” though.

Let me tell you again: the thing’s simply gorgeous! Everything is so clear, I can watch movies in extremely high quality (higher than HDTV) without losing quality, and everything’s just so so pretty in general!

But then what about the internet? Right now only Chrome and Safari render text in hi-DPI (as far as I’m aware), and it’s really pleasant on the eye to read. Images though, not so much. Because additional pixels need to be rendered, so it gets upscaled, which makes it blurry.

Very little websites provide support for hi-DPI, so that’s a bit sad. Kind of weird as well, especially when you consider that the iPhone 4 and iPad 3 have such screens as well, which is a pretty large userbase for mobile websites. But eh, we should give it some time I guess. The amount of users that use hi-DPI screens is still relatively low, but that’ll probably change in the coming few years.

I’d rather Internet Explorer got better (or died out) first though.
~ Fang


  • 25/08/2012 (12:28 AM)

    I’ll stick with Firefox for now, though I don’t blame people for using Chrome.

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