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31 08 12

Mirror’s Edge

I may be a little late to the party here, but Mirror’s Edge is so good!

It took me a while to get it working, since having PhysX (graphics engine) enabled caused some trouble, but the game itself is really good. Sure, the storyline’s engaging, and the art style’s really pretty, but that’s not what makes it so awesome.

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But before that, a little bit on yesterday’s post and the variety responses it got.

Some of you folks were pretty happy with my decisions, because you generally hate ads. To be clear, that’s not my opinion. If you need the ads to support your site (or even yourself) (as turned out to be the case with a few of you), then hey, fine by me. As long as they’re not obtrusive and in-my-face, then it’s cool. Keep on trucking the way you feel like!

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A great example for the rest of the Blogosphere.

No, this is not a Neil Armstrong tribute. May the man rest in piece though. The icon is still there, but the man behind it will be sorely missed.
In any case, I stepped up my game today and removed Google Adsense from my blog. See, no more ads up there. They weren’t obtrusive, malicious, or any of that, but as my guilt over using them rose as much as my profits dropped.

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I feel like I need a break.

Summer vacation is as good as over now and I feel like I need a break. What the fuck is wrong with me. Work’s been hella busy, so that’s probably contributing; the fact that I haven’t had a full day of chilling out in over a week now.

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27 08 12

Introduction day

So today was introduction day at school. We got to meet our mentor, check out where everything is in the building, all that kind of stuff.

The people in my class seem like pretty okay people, from a first impression. Too bad there ain’t any folks taking the same train as me. Ah well, I’ve still got my music, and we’ll see what happens.

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