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25 07 12

Summer cleaning

So… I’m in the process of actually going through my room and throwing away stuff I no longer need or use.

Looked around my room today, thought, “hey, I said I was planning on cleaning all this shit up. Might as well.” And so it happened. I’m not fully done yet, work amongst others demanded my attention, but it’s a start. Got most of one cupboard cleaned up, and one of the drawers of my desk which was a huge, unbelievable mess.

I came across an old essay. But dear lord, it was typeset in Comic Sans MS! What the hell was I thinking? It may have been one of the essays where that font was a requirement, but I can’t recall sending my teacher a Comic Sans Criminal email, so I failed horribly.

Also fun: old computer games! Freddy Fish, Pajama Sam, Putput, oh boy, those were good times! I am now proudly displaying my (apparently partly pirated) collection on a cupboard.

I’ll continue tomorrow. Want it to be done before my parents get back home and shit gets hectic again.
~ Fang


  • 26/07/2012 (5:41 AM)

    Congrats, man! I know so many memories come up with just one clean of the room, especially if you’ve lived there for long.
    Enjoy your games!

  • 26/07/2012 (3:03 AM)

    hahah just clean your room,

    ah you did this template look pretty hard perfect for personal blog

  • 26/07/2012 (1:14 AM)

    Congrats on cleaning. It’s a tough gig to do. I can never totally clean my room. I also just can’t throw things out. You never know when you might need two broken laptops without hard drives you know…

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