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You may have heard me say it before: stop nationalism, and you stop wars. This is the post in which I try and go a bit further into that idea.

I’m assuming that if you can put a complete stop to nationalism, war rates will inevitably lower, because people no longer have a strong, large group to identify with. But eh, this still leaves separation between people, right? They still belong in a country, and that automatically gives a feeling of nationalism and unification with just one group.

What if we were to unify most/all nations? I know, this seems pretty damn impossible, but if we can put aside cultural differences, maybe we could agree on terms that are beneficial for all parties involved? We could share resources way more easily, for example. Now I’m not saying any of the current leaders would be willing to just share like that, but it’s an idea, right?

It just all seems so stupid, the way we’re separated and sometimes try to conquer each other’s territories. The world was given to us as a species (metaphorically speaking?), so shouldn’t we all be nice and share it equally with each other? Just because a ton of years back some asshole said “this piece of land is mine” doesn’t mean it really was his, or that it really belongs to the US right now.

Looking back there’s a lot of flaws in my logic, but I honestly can’t be bothered rewriting and adding to this all right now.

Opinions on this would be nice, if you’re willing to share. (in before communism hurr durr)
~ Fang


  • Anonymous
    08/07/2012 (8:20 PM)

    I guess it’s the group swimming in power, who initiates wars.
    With every plunge in economy, they get profit. Their goal is world domination, purging Earth of mankind (except themselves, of course) and starting anew.

    Perhaps it’s on its way to becoming united as one already.
    People are connected from around the globe via internet and various sharing services (facebook, blogging sites, u-t00b, etc.) All sorts of movements against the media monopoly and world domination strategy.

    Playing anonymous, just in case. =)

  • 07/07/2012 (10:52 PM)

    Actually you’re right. In order to advance as a civilization we need to become united as one. I think that’s either a type one, or a type two, civilization. I don’t know if you can remember it but I posted a video about it on my blog once. I’m with you in that we need to get rid of countries, but I like cultural diversity and heritage. I think there should be some way to keep that. It just keeps things more interesting. If everyone was absolutely the same then it would get boring.

    Sadly I think if the world does end up united under one banner, it will not be achieved by peaceful means.

  • 07/07/2012 (7:42 PM)

    Sounds to me like you’re an Idealist

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