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23 07 12

Stock trading

The stock market has always fascinated me, and I’m considering investing in stocks one of these days.

If you invest in something small that has a lot of potential, and then have the patience to wait a few years, then this kind of business can be pretty profitable, I believe. You just need to make the mistake not to invest in something that’s likely to drop in value.

But hey, with the economic crisis going on and all, stock prices are pretty low, so they can only go up after this, right? Now would be the ideal time to start investing. Then wait a few years ’til the economy is at its peak again, and then strike, reap the profits.

The market’s very fickle though, prices rising or dropping heavily because of a single rumour. But hey, that’s what keeps it exciting in my opinion.

I haven’t read into it real deep though, so I may be wrong on some of this. Still, seems like it could be worth my time!
~ Fang


  • 24/07/2012 (5:46 AM)

    hi fang were did you get your template look nice

  • 23/07/2012 (10:50 PM)

    With how the economy is I think that buying stocks for when the economy is better seems that it would be more of an investment in your grankids. I don’t think I’d ever try and play the stock market.

  • 23/07/2012 (7:32 PM)

    I don’t think I could ever understand the stock market

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