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10 07 12

Some photo’s

Now please, don’t go expecting real photography here. This is mostly me messing with my new camera.

I did also capture some slow-motion footage, but it’s nothing interesting. I’ll see if I can find anything cool to film, but suggestions are also welcome!
Without further ado, three pictures I took with my new camera a while back. Variety here is very small, and it’s all pretty damn stupid, but kind of cool as well. And hot damn, look at the quality of that zoom, you can make out a lot of details still!

Some kids were making a lot of noise outside. Thought I’d use that as an opportunity to test out long-distance shots. Detailed face, still!

Though a bit blurry, it’s a nice pixel-shot of my monitor. Carefully cropped, of course.

Clearer pixel-shot in which you can clearly see that a single pixel is built up of red green and blue. Also, morbid code in pretty syntax-highlighting for the win!

There’s also a bunch of tiny birds in the area, though they’re way too shy to get a decent picture of. I’ll post them as soon as I get ’em, though!

See you guys next time,
~ Fang


  • 11/07/2012 (7:29 PM)

    awesome looking camera, very clean

  • 11/07/2012 (9:14 AM)

    lol did that kid know he was being photographed ?

  • 11/07/2012 (12:19 AM)

    That is actually some insane zoom on that thing. But you should avoid taking random pictures of kids dude. Some people wouldn’t react very well.

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